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Hospices de Beaune

Hospices de Beaune 2020: Albert Bichot’s selection of 5 wines to buy from just 1 bottle

How to buy Hospices de Beaune wines – vintage 2020 – with us

  • For each wine, pay online or by bank transfer a deposit of 80% before the auction
  • The remaining amount will have to be paid in January 2022, a few months before wines are available for shipping (Sept. 2022)
  • Paying option: custom label with your name as a buyer. Read more.
  • Maximum price defined before the auction: no bad surprise possible!

True to their terroir and the 2020 vintage, 2 splendid whites and 3 reds

Key steps to buy at the Hospices with Albert Bichot easily

01. Registration
02. Selection
03. Order
04. Biddding
05. Ageing
06. Shipping
September 2020

Harvest and vinifications at the Hospices de Beaune estate

Mid October 2020

Exclusive selection of the 5 wines proposed for collective online purchase

End October 2020

Online store opens. Orders by 1, 3 or multiples of 6 bottles. Deposit 80% of total price

15 November 2020: AUCTION

Auction day! Live them in Beaune or online on our social networks

19 November

Final prices post auction are communicated to the buyers

December 2020

Ageing starts in our Beaune cellars for 12 to 18 months

Year 2021

Ageing continues. Buyers receive a few exclusive offers from Albert Bichot.

January 2022

Customers pay the rest of the order + shipping and optional custom labels

September 2022

Wines are shipped or can be collected in Beaune.

Real clients testimonials

A careful and technical selection process

Between harvest and auction, Albert Bichot’s winemaking team will taste several times all 50 cuvées from the Hospices de Beaune estate. A very precise and technical job to make sure that we can recommend all our customers, professionals or winelovers alike, the best wines in each vintage.


FROM JUST 15 € / bottle